Aerial acrobatics indeed

Last week, Justin, our trusty steed, said that we would be flyin’ by Friday.  How right he was.  The aerial acrobatics were fantastic, but even better than that, we had the entire barns to ourselves for the first time since mid-November.  We’d genuinely forgotten how peaceful and tranquil it is here on the Roseland without drills drilling, hammers hammering and builders singing very badly.

We achieved a huge amount during the week.  New floors have been laid in all three kitchens and The Carthouse bathroom has got its underfloor heating and travertine tiles.  Even better than that, the templaters came in and measured up for the worktops in the kitchens.  These worktops get installed on Thursday this week.

We’re beginning to see light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.  Justin wants to hand The Carthouse back to us on 17th Feb to enable Barbara and her team of cleaners to give it a good spruce up before the painters turn up.  He also wants to hand Cockle Cottage back to us on 19th Feb for a further weekend of deep cleaning and The Dairy on 26th Feb.

The other lights we’re currenty seeing are laser ones….

“Laser Lights… What on earth are they for Mark?”  I hear you say?….  Well, we knew Justing and his merry band wer perfectionists, but we never believed that they would make sure the wall tiles were perfectly level using a new-fangled laser level.  It’s sureal watching the team at work levelling things up properly – A combination of the tilers radios and the laser lights remind me so much of  those rather ropey light displays at the old school disco… But I must say, the laser levels are terribly effective.

The Plant room is taking shape.  Our workaholic heating (Dave) specialist starts installing our new boilers and hot water storage tanks tomorrow.

There are bound to be few twists and turns along the way we’re feeling quietly confident with both the progress being made and the quality of the finish we’re getting.