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Here's how we refurbished The Carthouse

Late 2008

The images above show what The Carthouse used to look like...


The new oak flooring arrived just before Christmas.  This encouraged Mark to dust off his tool box and remove all the old carpets and curtains. 


Week One

Tony, our electrician has already completed the first fix to reposition existing power sockets an supply new ones in readines for the make-over. 


 The Carthouse bedroom - first fix electrics complete
  Carthouse Lounge

Week 2

The exposed brickwork in the lounge has been removed and the new slate hearth has been laid in readiness for the new fire.  All necessary walls have been replastered.  Tim has also started laying the new oak flooring.   

 The Carthouse lounge  fireplace removed and walls replastered
 The Carthouse lounge - new slate hearth in place


Week 3

Tim has all-but finished laying the new oak floors and Paul our painter starts on Monday applying the Farrow & Ball paint. 


 The Carthouse lounge - Oak floor slate hearth
 The Carthouse lounge, oak floor and slate hearth
 The Carthouse bedroom - Oak floor down


Week 4

Nearly there!....  Paul our painter has done a great job on our walls and ceilings.  We've decided to be a little more adventurous colour-wise in both the lounge and the bedroom, as you'll see from the images below.

Apart from a few soft furnishings and the odd mirror or two, the refurbishment is complete - on time and (only slightly over) budget.  We particularly like the new fireplace in the lounge.  What do you think?  Do please email us with your comments. 

We suppose the acid test will be judging the reaction of guests checking into The Carthouse on Friday 13th February....  Not a good date!

We've also commisioned Bob Berry - one of Cornwall's finest landscape photographers - to print on to canvass some of the wonderful images he took last year for our website.  The canvasses will be with us in 2-3 weeks.  Watch this space for the final images....

 The Carthouse Lounge
 The Carthouse lounge #2
 The Carthouse bedroom