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April 30, 2011

Look dear, a deer, or was it Tigger?

Filed under: Nature in Cornwall — roundhousebarns @ 3:39 pm

Last week we took our two mutts on an early morning trip to Turnaware Point.

About 300 yards on our walk along the old D-Day road, we sighted this huge deer.  It was about 70 yards from us heading towards us up the road.  As soon as it sighted Barney & Pongo it stopped dead.  It then took two steps towards the 6ft high Cornish drystone wall and cleared it with one bound.  Have they crossed deer with Winnie the Pooh’s mate Tigger?..  The way the beast simply cleared the wall so reminded us of the stories of Tiggers…

Our mutts remained oblivious to it all – what great hunters they are (not)…

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