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Only two weeks left this summer!

We only have two weeks left at Roundhouse Barns this summer so if you want to enjoy the best part of Cornwall and escape from the crowds then be sure to book them up quick before they go. The last week of August (Friday, August 28th to Friday, September 1st)… Read more

Romantic Spots for a Picnic in Cornwall

What could be nicer than setting out for a coastal or river walk, settling down with a glorious view and treating yourself to a luxurious romantic picnic for two? Here are a few of our favourite spots – Messack Point Just a two mile walk from Roundhouse Barns this fabulous… Read more


Things to do on the Roseland in July

The Cornish love a bit of a summer fete, flower show, carnival or even a sports day and The Season definitely starts in July! The National Trust are having a Big Beach Picnic at Towan Beach on the 4th July and the following day Gerrans residents are opening their gardens… Read more

Our Favourite Beaches on the Roseland

The Roseland has some of the best beaches in Cornwall. Think crystal clear waters, soft sand beneath your feet and stunning views at every turn. There are plenty of beaches to chose from locally, let a lone venturing further afield. It all depends what you want from your day at… Read more


Come and stay on the beautiful Roseland Peninsula this July

Escape from the crowds in Cornwall this July and enjoy an adults-only break in the peace and tranquility of Roundhouse Barns. You’ll find us tucked away on the beautiful Roseland Peninsula, one of Cornwall’s hidden gems. On your doorstep you’ll find world-class beaches, amazing places to eat including a Michelin-starred… Read more

Mark’s Mid-Summer Mackerel Munch

The sun is shining and we love nothing better than some freshly caught Cornish fish cooked up on the BBQ. Thankfully we’ve got our very own here at Roundhouse Barns for our guests to enjoy on long, summer evenings. This marvelous mackerel dish will serve 2 as a main course or 4 as… Read more


Best Restaurants to Visit in Cornwall

Eating out in Cornwall is a true treat and we’ve picked out some of the best restaurants for you to enjoy. Ever since Rick Stein opened his first seafood restaurant in Cornwall 40 (yes that’s 40!) years ago, the food in Cornwall has just got better and better. Here are… Read more

Things to do in June from the Roseland

With the first proper summer days upon us, it’s time to get out and about exploring this wonderful part of Cornwall. Day Trip to Falmouth With the sun warming up and only gentle breezes, now is a good time to catch the foot ferry across from St Mawes to Falmouth…. Read more


Cornish Gardens to See in Spring

The Gulf stream ensures that spring comes early to Cornwall. The best time to visit the gardens is between March and May,when everything is fresh and lush with vibrant colours.   The Lost Gardens of Heligan Our personal favourite is The Lost Gardens of Heligan, one of the most popular… Read more

Shark and Jellyfish Season!

Just a very quick blog to tell you that not only have we seen basking sharks and barrel jellyfish in Gerrans Bay already this year, Barbara also spotted a blue shark only a couple of hundred yards offshore. Blue sharks are quite rare in our waters and usually stay well… Read more


Our Five Favourite Cafes on the Roseland

One of the things that makes the Roseland in Cornwall so special are these quirky, individual cafes that have established themselves on or near to our favourite beaches: Melinsey Mill  Tucked away in a valley between Roundhouse Barns and Veryan. There is a beautiful walk along the stream, from behind… Read more

A Beautiful Roseland Walk

Straight out of the gates of Roundhouse Barn is a beautiful walk down to Turnaware Beach. Turn right out of our drive and follow the concrete road all the way down. On your left are amazing views across the Fal River – look out for Feock, Loe Beach and Mylor… Read more


Peace, quiet & Indian Summer!

Phew the kids have all gone back to school and we have heaved a sigh of relief! We know Cornwall relies on it’s tourists – especially us – but that does not mean we don’t despair every now and again about busy pubs/shops and roads. It reaches it’s peak at… Read more

Fabulous Weather

Grr when will the weathermen get it right? We were supposed to have heavy thunderstorms today – well we had one yesterday at 8pm and that was it. Its been glorious again today. Went to the beach with the boys and was sorely tempted to go for a swim but… Read more


Fine Weather at last

Phew… suffering a bit from a heatwave down here! Its been around 16c for the past week and its all set to continue.The dogs are moulting like crazy and I have an urge to do the summer bedding in pots outside the house. I won’t though as you never know… Read more

Storms Over for now!

Phew it’s definately been quite breezy down here for the last week and there is no doubt some places have suffered from the high spring tides, gusting winds and crashing waves but oh boy do the press like to make a drama out of it all You would think that… Read more