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Scones, cake, curds etc – it’s the annual St Just in Roseland Show

Having been here for 4 summers now, we decided to enter the local Village Show.  It’s a combination of all of the good bits of the WI (home baking, veg from the garden) and the lovely relaxed feel and fun of a school/village fete. We decided to enter a few… Read more

Green energy cottages

“For goodness sake, make sure you hold on Dave” I felt like shouting out to Dave Ewins – our heating “God”.   Having got this far, the last thing we wanted was for Dave to literally fall off his perch.  He has near as damn it replumbed our entire house… Read more


Organic Flowers arrive at Roundhouse Barns

Local and Organic is best!

Royal Cornwall Show

An amazing sight…


We’ve entered the Visit Cornwall Tourism Oscars again

You may remember that last year we entered Visit Cornwall’s Tourism Oscars for Website of the Year.  We managed to grab a Silver Award for that. This year we’ve entered the 2010 Oscars for: B&B of the year; and Self Catering establishment of the year. It was a huge amount… Read more

Swallows build their nests

Swallows nest building on the Roseland


Another Sunny day in Cornwall

Well, after a grey weekend the weather in Cornwall has returned to the bright sunshine that we know and love.

Tractor ablaze in neighbouring field

The local farmers have been hard at it recently, ploughing the fields and sowing spring wheat and barley. Imagine then our horror when we see one of our neighbours’ tractors ablaze shortly after 5pm a few nights ago.  We thought the worst and that someone might be trapped inside.  Fortunately,… Read more


What you lose on the swings you gain on the roundabouts

So, the only airport open in the UK recently during the Volcanic Ash crisis was the one down at Mens Pants (aka Penzance).  Flights to the Scillies were going albeit intermittently. But the Ash did affect us down here in a couple of ways – not only were our cars… Read more

Birdwatching on the Roseland

Cirl buntings nesting


Looking forward to our reopening party

Well, after a huge amount of blood and sweat (not to mention the odd tear or two), we’ve finally done it! Roundhouse Barns opens for the Press tomorrow and for our first set of (paying) guests for 2010 on Friday. We’re delighted with the outcome of the refurbishment work –… Read more

Titivating and tarting up

We are now so nearly there with our refurbishment work. The removal men delivered all our furniture back from storage today.  Despite the lashing rain, it’s all back in place, reasonably dry and in good condition (apart from one door that is slightly damaged). So what’s left then?.. Not a… Read more


Daffodils aplenty

Camellias flowering since early January

How many times do you have to wash down slate tiles to get rid of the grout gunk?

Tales from a difficult patient….


The Carthouse ready for decorating!

Well the team have done a great job with the kitchen and bathroom in The Carthouse and today all that is left to do is screw a few sockets back into the kitchen walls now that the tiling is complete. The decorator is due later this week so the end… Read more

Tilin’, groutin’, kitchen fittin’… next week we’ll be flyin’

While we were away in London getting Mark’s coccyx cut off, Justin was left here to man the refurbishment-fort at Roundhouse Barns. It’s typical isn’t it…  the moment we leave, Justin hits problems with other things that need putting right before we can take the next step forward.  This time,… Read more